iBatt is the first real plug and play home battery for
vital back-up and grid balancing.

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Replicable mathematical iBatt trading model based on real 15 minutes intraday energy market data, prices and volumes.

Sample Country: Czech Republic
Year: 08/2018 - 07/2019
Number of iBatts installed
Installed home PV (3 kWp average)
Margin from Intraday Trading
Margin from Grid Flexibility
Grand Total Margin
Saved CO2
0 tons*
Saved Coal
0 tons*

A closer look into trading logic, manufacturing prices and the whole IB project entry possibilities upon request. Schedule an appointment.

(*based on average electricity mix in CZE)

By fitting powerful, easy-to-set-up technology into an elegant, affordable design, iBatt uniqly empowers the end users, but also the energy companies and their traders on their path to greener energy. It has been created precisely to help energy systems achieve greater efficiency and to open up new possibilities for renewables.

Elegant. Powerful. Decentral.

2,2 kWh

Instant trading flexibility.

End user

Self-installation into ordinary socket. Scalable small back-up.

1 cloud

Charged and discharged according to market conditions and trader's algorithms.

No limits

With or without PV panels. From one-room flat to large house.


First to market business model brings inherent end user loyalty.

Real Green

Created to optimize the grid and truly help to burn less fossil fuels.

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Let‘s change the game.


iBatt can be charged and discharged exactly when the energy market needs it the most (surplus/shortage), resulting in trading profits for the energy company and lower electricity bills for the end user. And don’t forget, balancing is healthy for the grid, less fossil fuels are burnt. This is a true win/win.


The end users can choose whether to keep their lights on, phones charged, and no puddles under the fridge in case of energy outage. Or they can have more iBatts for each vital larger appliance. The more the better for everyone. All the end-user really needs is a smart-meter.

App Control

Mobile app can give visibility and control over how much capacity of a given iBatt is provided for market balancing and how much is kept as a back-up. The end-user can change these decisions in real.


The more units there are in a household, the more energy resilient it is and the cheaper electricity it consumes. Optionally, it is possible to choose own color combination.


No need for utility requests or any other permits. iBatt arrives in a box and then is simply plugged into the wall outlet.Completely safe hardware with no exposed wires or hot vents. You can operate iBatt with or without overflows to the grid.

Technical Specifications

  • 2,2 kWh
  • 15 years
    designed life
  • 2 Back-Up
  • LTO/LiFePO4
    battery cells
  • IoT remote
  • 2 Back-Up
    USB ports

For any inquiry contact:

iBatt Ltd.
Enterprise House 2 Pass Street
United Kingdom

Efficiency is the future of energy.